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Here you can check the official Robux pricing for the USA region. Players can enjoy better value for money for the bigger packages. That means, you get more Robux for each dollar when you choose to buy more than 800 Robux in a single transaction.

Roblox DevEx Rates
Price (in USD) Robux
$4.99 400 Robux
$9.99 800 Robux
$19.99 1,700 Robux
$49.99 4,500 Robux
$99.99 10,000 Robux
FAQ Section

FAQs for General Conversions

1. How much is 1000 Robux in USD?

As per the latest conversion rate, 1000 Robux is equal to USD 12.49 only.

2. How much is 1 Million Robux in dollars?

1 Million Robux is equal to $8,888 dollars (USD).

3. How much money is 2 Million Robux

2 Million Robux is around $17,777 dollars (USD).

4. How much is Robux in 200 dollars?

200 dollars (USD) can buy you 22,500 Robux in total.

5. How much is $1 in Robux?

$1 is equal to 80 Robux as per the latest conversion rate.

6. How much is 17k Robux in dollars?

17k Robux has a value of 169.7 Dollars (USD).

7. How much Robux is 10 dollars?

10 dollars can buy you 850 Robux.

8. How much is 800 Robux?

For 800 Robux, you will have to spend $9.99 (USD).

9. How much is 2500 Robux?

2500 Robux will cost you $29.40 (USD).

10. How much is 40 Dollars in Robux?

With 40 US dollars, you can buy around 3600 Robux.

What is Roblox?

Roblox has been a popular game amongst young gamers worldwide, which offers more than the ability to play games in different genres like Drawing Games, Scary Games, Simulator Games, Tower Defense Games, and Anime Games, to name a few.

The game was released in 2006 by Roblox Corporation after 2 years of development. But it took Roblox more than a decade to finally get that attention. The daily active users ramped up when countries imposed a quarantine after the Coronavirus outbreak.

As per a report by Statista, the number of daily active users on the Roblox platform has increased 5 times in the last five years. With Q1 of 2023 having the highest number of daily active users, that is, 66.1 million.

What is Robux?

Have you ever wondered how Free-to-play games earn money to run their business? Well, most of the revenue is either through display ads or micro-transactions.

Roblox has the same business model. You do not see ads on it, so the business is based on micro-transactions. And to buy in-game items, you must buy the game’s virtual currency first.

Robux is the virtual currency in Roblox, using which you can buy in-game items like outfits, accessories, avatars, weapons, tools, or other valuables within the platform's different titles.

How to buy Robux?

On Roblox mobile app

Step 1: Open Roblox app on your mobile device

Step 2: Select the Robux icon located at the top

Step 3: Select the desired package as per your budget

Step 4: Authenticate the purchase through your iTunes or Google Play Store
Step 5: Check your Roblox account for updated Robux

On Roblox website

Step 1: Visit website on your PC

Step 2: Log in with your account details

Step 3: Select Robux option located at the top

Step 4: Select the desired package as per your budget

Step 5: Select the payment method -  Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal

Step 6: Check your Roblox account for updated Robux

Is it safe to buy Robux from third-party sources?

-- No, it’s not safe to buy Robux from third-party websites and we do not recommend those websites at all. As lucrative as their offers may look, you are always at risk of losing money to fraudulent offers. Moreover, Roblox considers it illegal to buy Robux from third-party platforms.

Can you get Robux for free?

-- Yes, you can get Robux for free. A lot of titles in Roblox provide in-game offers and challenges that let you win Robux for free. There are no other methods to earn Robux for free. Beware of the sites that offer ways to earn Robux for free.

Can you buy Robux for someone else?

-- You cannot buy Robux for other players, but if you wish to gift them Robux, you can get them a Roblox Gift Card. The player can simply redeem the card and have the Robux added to their Roblox account.

Special features of Roblox

1. Sociability and Accessibility

Roblox helps you make new friends and lets you interact with your existing friends using voice chat and text chat. Earlier, the voice chat feature was unavailable, but the developers considered it a good edition.

Roblox is a free-to-play game that lets all users who can’t afford to invest in a video game play mini-games and make new friends.

Moreover, the game is available on all popular platforms - Xbox, Windows, PlayStation, iOS, Android, Fire OS, etc. So, any of your friends can join you in a game using the cross-platform feature.

2. Safety and moderation

With a majority of young players, Roblox has a great responsibility to provide a safe gaming environment that is free from Explicit content, verbal abuse/hate speech, cyberbullying, data privacy risks, inappropriate contact by adults, addictive behaviors, unmoderated chat, fraud and scams, physical threats or harm, content glorification, impersonation.

And Roblox has done a great job in maintaining its platform. All the gaming titles have to abide by the strict policies made by Roblox.

3. Variety of available games

Roblox is not a standalone game; it is a platform supporting a variety of games. And that is what makes it different. If players are bored of playing a shooting game, they can switch to other genres like tower defense, baking games, educational games, and whatnot.

4. Roblox is fun & refreshing:

As per an official report by CNN, there are more than 40 million games in every imaginable genre on Roblox to enjoy. So, you are never actually bored with Roblox. 

The developers keep introducing new updates to a game. And if you are bored with a particular title, you can always find an alternative.

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