Does Robux Expire (No, They Don’t)

Have you ever wondered what happens to your Robux if you decide to cancel your Roblox Premium?

It’s a common question among new Roblox players, who are buying Robux or Roblox premium for the first time.

If you are also confused, you have landed on the right page. In this post, we’ll explore whether Robux expires and what exactly happens to your Robux when you buy it with Roblox Premium and then decide to cancel the subscription.

So, let’s get started.

Does Robux Expire

No, Robux (the virtual currency of Roblox) does not expire. Once you have earned or purchased a Robux, it will remain in your Roblox account permanently until you use it to buy, items, game passes, or experiences or just donate it.

If I buy Robux with Roblox premium and then cancel the premium, will the Robux be gone?

No, as mentioned earlier, Robux does not expire regardless of the method you have acquired them.

So, do not worry, even if you buy Robux with Roblox premium and then cancel the premium, the Robux you purchased will remain as it is in your account unless you spend them to buy any in-game item.

However, when you cancel the Roblox premium subscription, of course the following benefits will be ceased:

  • Access Premium benefits within experiences
  • Access exclusive Avatar Shop items and discounts
  • Get 10% more Robux when you buy Robux
  • Unlock the ability to trade items

If I buy Robux while I’m on premium, will the premium get longer, or will it still end on the same day?

Buying Robux while you’re on Roblox Premium will not extend the duration of your premium membership. Your premium membership will still end on the same day it was originally set to expire, regardless of how much Robux you purchase.

See, buying Robux and Roblox premium are two different things.

  • Buying Robux: This adds Robux to your account balance, allowing you to purchase items and accessories in-game.
  • Roblox Premium Membership: This is a subscription that provides you various benefits like a monthly Robux stipend, trading access, and discounts as discussed above. It has a specific end date based on your chosen subscription plan.

Roblox Premium Membership plans

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