How much do Roblox Developers make (USD)

Roblox is an online game platform and a game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation. Here, developers of all ages and skills create games (or “experiences“) that millions of players enjoy.

Well, many people do wonder, how much money Roblox developers make, and how exactly do you earn it.

Let’s explore this in the post with some stats and facts.

How Much Do Roblox Developers Make?

Roblox is has over 70.2 million daily users! In 2022, there were more than 3.2 billion transactions on the platform.

In 2021 and 2022, Roblox’s creator community earned $538 million and $624 million, respectively.

Even the 1000th-ranked creator made about $55,000 in a year.

roblox creator earnings

Well, there is no fixed amount on how much a particular developer makes or will make in a month or a year in Roblox. Just like in any business or job, the earnings can vary a lot.

Some developers make a little pocket money, while others earn enough to make a living. The top developers on Roblox have even made over $2 million in a year!

As per Glassdoor, a game developer at Roblox can earn between $140,000 and $247,000 annually, with the median salary being around $185,181. This includes a base salary and additional earnings like bonuses and stock options.

How does Roblox Developers Earn Money on Roblox and How you can make it.

There are many ways in which a Roblox developer can earn money from Roblox, the most popular being creating games and selling in game items.

Below, I have listed all the possible ways to make money on Roblox.

1. Developing Games

The most straight forward way to earn money on Roblox is by creating your own games.

Roblox provides tools and support to help you build games without any upfront cost. Your earnings depend on how popular your game becomes. And you can easily exchange the Robux you earn with the real money through the Developer Exchange Program.

If you are a developer you can use our DevEx Robux to USD converter tool to know your estimated payout for the earned Roblox.

DevEx Robux to USD converter

2. In-Experience Purchases

You can make money in your game by selling things like special abilities, in-game currency, or access to certain areas. This is where a lot of developers make good money.

3. Engagement-Based Payouts

Roblox rewards you for creating games that keep players coming back. The more time players spend in your game, especially those with a Premium subscription, the more you earn.

4. Selling Avatar Items

You can design and sell clothing and accessories for Roblox avatars. In 2022, 1.8 billion avatar items were sold, showing how big this market is.

5. Creating and Selling Plugins

If you’re good at coding, you can create plugins for Roblox Studio and sell them to other developers.

The amount developers earn from sales varies. For in-game sales, developers can receive up to 70% of the revenue. However, for items sold in the Avatar Marketplace, the share is around 30%.

Developers earn in Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency. Through the Developer Exchange Program (DevEx), they can convert Robux to real-world currency.

To convert Robux to Cash, you can use our Robux to Dollar Conversion Tool or calulator  to view how much Robux makes how many dollars.

Robux to usd converter

The conversion rate is approximately $0.0035 per Robux, meaning developers receive about 35% in cash of what players spent to buy the Robux.


So, that’s all for now, folks. I hope after reading this post, you got some valuable insights about much Roblox developers are making and what are the ways to make real money in Roblox.

As a recap, the most popular way to earn money on Roblox is to develop games and sell in-game items

. However, on time is for sure, whatever you do nothing can guarantee how much will you make on Roblox. Everything will depend on your game’s popularity, and your monetization strategies.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The reports, statistics, and insights discussed herein are subject to change and may vary over time. This content is not intended as financial advice, nor should it be relied upon for making financial decisions or investments related to Roblox or any other platform. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and consult with professional advisors before making financial decisions.

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