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Roblox offers talented developers and creators a way to entertain the players on the platform and earn money.

Well, the money is not earned directly. Developers earn Robux and then can exchange the Robux for real money with the DevEx or Developer Exchange program.

Here, we will discuss the reasons for an issue where the users see the payment status as ‘paid’ even though the payment is still not reflected in the account.

Why does DevEx Payment say ‘Paid’ but Not Received

Answer in Nutshell: If your DevEx payment says ‘Paid’ and you still haven’t received any, it simply means the payment is still under process. It is also possible that your payment hasn’t cleared the ‘Pending’ status yet.

For the developers out there, Roblox has introduced a Developer Exchange Program (or DevEx) which lets developers and creators grow by converting their earned Robux to real money.

If you are a developer, you can use our tool to convert Robux to USD as per the latest DevEx rates.

DevEx Robux to USD converter

Now that you know the reasons why you haven’t received your payment yet, let us discuss what you can do about it.

Solutions – What to do if you still haven’t received your payment yet?

1. Determine the processing time

First, you need to check the time it takes for the payment to finally process and reflect in your account. The processing time depends on the payment method you select.

You are likely seeing the delay because of the payment method you selected for the cashout. For instance, if you have selected a check as your payment method, you might have to wait over 2 weeks for the payment process to complete.

You can check the processing time for all the payment methods here.

2. Check the correct payment status

It is also possible that your current payment hasn’t cleared the ‘Pending’ status yet. Before receiving your payment after the processing is completed, the payment needs to clear the pending status.

As mentioned in our previous article, your payment stays pending for 3 to 7 days. Sometimes, a payment can take around 30 days to clear the pending state.

There are three basic factors that affect the pending state of payment in Roblox –

And that’s it, the fantastic Roblox players.

We hope now you understand why DevEx payment says ‘Paid’ even though it is not received.

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