What Does “Sorry, this experience is private” mean on Roblox

If you used to play a game on Roblox, but now when you are visiting that game’s page on Roblox, it says “Sorry, this experience is private.”

You may be wondering what this means and if there are any fixes or workarounds to fix it. If that’s the case, you are at the right page.

In this post, we will find out what “Sorry, this experience is private” means and why it happens, and walk through a few workarounds.

What Does “Sorry, this experience is private” mean on Roblox

The message “Sorry, this experience is private” when you are trying to play a game on Roblox means that the game has been set to private, and you do not have permission to access it. 

Now, this can happen due to a few reasons, such as the creator of the experience or the game has chosen to make it private, your account settings preventing you from joining, or it might be a temporary bug with Roblox.

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Reasons why a game on Roblox says “Sorry, this experience is private” :

1. The creator of the experience has set it to private:

The first and most likely reason could be that the creator of the experience may have chosen to make it private, which means that only certain people can join, such as their friends or members of a specific group.

2. Your account settings are preventing you from joining

Roblox has some privacy settings that can prevent you from joining certain experiences.

These settings are located in your account settings under the “Privacy” tab.

Make sure that the “Who can message me” and “Who can chat with me” options are set to “Everyone” or “Friends” instead of “No one”.

Also check that, under “Parental Controls”, that “Allowed Experiences” is set to “13+” or higher.

3. There is a bug with Roblox

Sometimes, Roblox experiences can be listed as private, even though they are not.

This is usually a temporary bug that should be fixed soon.

So, in this case, you can try rejoining the experience after something or try restarting your device.

It might also be due to some server issues on the Roblox‘s end.


Possible Fixes for “Sorry, this experience is private” message on a game on Roblox:

Wait for some time:

As mentioned above, this error message could be a temporary glitch.

Also, it might be that the game is under development or under some testing.

So, waiting for a few hours or days could resolve the problem automatically.

Log out of your device and log in again

Some users you have experienced such issues have shared on several forums that they were able to fix the issues by logging out and logging in again to the game.

So, you might also try it and it may work for you.

Update your Roblox App

Make sure that your Roblox app is updated to the latest version.

Simply visit the App Store on your device and download/update the latest version of the game, so that any underlying bug doesn’t affect the gameplay or cause errors.

Here are some additional things you can try:

  • Check the experience page: The experience page may have more information about why it is private.
  • Contact the creator of the experience:  If possible, try contacting the developer of the game and ask why the game is private.
  • Try contacting Roblox Support.

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